Fun Run 2016!

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Hazelwood PTSA Fall Fundraiser

October 6, 2016

9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

The annual PTSA Fall Fundraiser is on October 6 and it’s time to start asking for pledges from friends and family. This is an important fundraiser for our school since Hazelwood is one of three elementary schools in the entire Renton school district that does not qualify for a Title 1 Funding Grant.

This year, we want every family to participate! Every donation counts, even $5!

The Fun Run is one of the major ways we support the school with grants that the school relies on for academic support, field trips, assemblies, music, PE and recess equipment, science programs and much more. In partnership, we can bridge the budget gap, to provide additional resources and learning experiences for the children at Hazelwood.

In addition to being an important fundraiser, the Fun Run is a really wonderful and FUN event for our Hazelwood community. Prizes will be awarded for the top classes who send out the most combined pledges, top fundraiser and much more! Ever imagined being the principle for the day? How about a pizza party for your class? These are just a few of the prizes the kids can win. Stay tuned for more.

Start collecting pledges now!

Our goal is $25,000 – With a community of over 600 kids, with everyone participating, we can achieve this. If we make this goal, the PTSA can grant over $45,000 to the school.

It’s Time to Start Asking for Pledges and Set up PledgeStar!

We are launching PledgeStar, an easy to use, web-based fundraising system. It’s very quick to set up your own page and then request pledges from family and friends.

To get started:

  • Go to:
  • Enter your name and email address, click REGISTER
  • Follow the instructions to set up your own fundraising page.
  • Once you identify who you want to ask for pledges, and input contact information, the system will automatically email the pledge request where they can make a secure credit card donation online.

You get notified when pledges are made and can track your progress online.

Soon, look for paper pledges in the red folder for families who prefer using a paper system.

Questions? We are here to help! Please email the PTSA Fun Run team at

Pledges can be done online or on the paper pledge sheet. To learn more about our new online pledge system, read our information sheet and FAQs.

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors!

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Thank you

thank you

Thank you for your support of Hazelwood Elementary PTSA during this school year. Your continued involvement shows our teachers, staff, and scholars how important their elementary school experience is to our community.

With your support, PTSA held its first Multicultural Festival, had record attendance and participation in its events and programs, and exceeded all fundraising goals (by a lot). Because of you, PTSA was able to grant more than $45,000 to directly to the school this year! These grants make an immediate and meaningful impact on all our scholars.

Best wishes for a fantastic summer and congratulations to all our Fifth Graders moving on to middle school.

An Amazing Night for Hazelwood Elementary

auction panor

Where do we even start? Friday night’s Night Around the World Auction Gala was an amazing success. The beautiful sunset created the perfect backdrop to a wonderful gathering of Hazelwood families, staff, and friends – all there in support of our school.

The night was full of fun surprises that included special auction items and surprise guests. We welcomed Newcastle Mayor Rich Crispo as well as our new incoming Assistant Principal Kaitlyn Spore.

Congratulations to Ms. Lundquist for winning the Heads or Tails game. We hope you enjoy your Ultimate Sports Fan package! Congratulations also to Ms. Dales, the winner of the purse raffle!

The biggest winners, of course, are our children. We’re still tallying up final figures, but we can say with certainty that it was a truly incredible night for our school and community.

Thank you to everyone for their support of this event! The PTSA Board sends a very special thank you to Geoff Schott for his fabulous auctioneering skills, as well as to Co-President Nakisa Salashoor and the entire Auction Committee for planning one exceptional party!

We look forward to making the big announcement of total funds raised very soon, so stay tuned!